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What is Mental Illness and Why it Happened?

Like all others diseases, mental illness may be of any aged person. Due to ignorance mentally ill people are remarked adversely in our society. It certainly should not be accepted.

As all others diseases have treatment, treatment of mental illness exists as well. If proper treatment is taken in time, mental illness can be completely cured.

What is Mental Illness and Why it Happened?

There are some superstitions in the society about the mental patient. There are many patients that they do not conduct agitated or worse, so it is difficult to understand that they are suffering from mental disorder.

In some case it is understood by many symptoms. However most of the mental patients behave like healthy people. In that case, it is being very difficult to find their illness out.

There are lots of concepts in the society such as, if anyone behaves abnormally then it is presumed that he/she has been captured by gene-fairy, or has been spell bounded by black magic, some people say the body is affected by worst air, many people think that he/she has been cursed etc.

Apparently these concepts are wrong and baseless. It is known by many researches that these concepts have no little relationship with mental illness.

Let’s Come to Know that What are The Causes of Mental Disorder?

1. Tremendous family turmoil, social insecurities may lead to mental disorder.

2. Anxiety of various individual problems, confusion may lead mental disorder.

3. There are some physical causes that may lead mental diseases like:

i. Physical weakness

ii. Typhoid

iii. Syphilis

iv. Inflammation caused by head injury

v. Malnutrition in early age

vi. Lack of vitamins

vii. Intoxication

viii. Side effects of different medicine may lead mental disorder.

What is Mental Illness


Symptoms of Mental Illness or Diseases

Extreme Anxiety

Extreme restlessness, raving, offended or attacking behavior, vandalism etc are the symptoms of mental disorder.


Suddenly become silent, do not eat on time, whispering alone, smiling itself without no reason etc could be the symptoms of mental diseases.

Turmoil/ Fatigue

Depression, do not take anything well, restlessness, insomnia, inflammation in hand, leg and head, seem to be helpless, attempt to suicide, fast heart beating, and sometimes neurological weakness can be the symptoms of mental disorder.

Sexual Weakness

In many times sexual weakness is the huge cause of turmoil. Sometimes many people are scared about this issue which makes the problems more complex.  Prejudice and misconceptions may eventually cause mental illness.

Except the above mentioned symptoms there are also several signs, in this case it is imperative to consult with the experienced doctor.

Remember mental illness is also a disease like other disease which can be completely cured by proper medication. Check Out Cancer Causing Foods

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