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What is Diabetes, Types & Symptoms

Known as the silent killer diabetes now entered into the houses. Not only in your country but also in all over the world is now facing diabetes. High level of glucose is like as poison for the diabetes patient. High blood pressure and abnormal lipid disorders associated with diabetes which creates a different kind of complexity. Patient could not eat properly, could not sleep, just like as ordinary people. Because the high life of luxury or uncontrolled. Let’s see in fact what is diabetes actually?

“It is a chronic disease which causes the body is reduced to produce insulin or the insulin is not used properly. Insulin is a hormone which is converted into glucose energy in the blood. It also helps to maintain the level of glucose in the blood. Let’s see due to what actually increases the blood glucose levels?

What is Diabetes, Types & Symptoms

There are three reasons to increase the levels of glucose in the blood

  1. When the body stops producing insulin.
  2. When insulin production is less than necessity
  3. When Body insulin function is a loss that’s mean the loss of the effect of insulin in the body.

The above three reasons can increase the amount of glucose in the blood and many levels of glucose from the body goes out through the urine, as a result, the human body loses the main source of production of energy. For the result, there can be a variety of short and long-term complications.

Types of Diabetes

  1. Type-1
  2. Type-2
  3. Gestational

What is Type-1 Diabetes

Type-1 is a disease of the human body which does not produce insulin. We have already discussed above that Insulin is needed to convert glucose to energy. If insulin is not produced, in this case, who will convert the power to glucose. Therefore, glucose levels will rise in the blood naturally. This is why those who have type 1 diabetes have to take insulin injection on a regular basis. Usually, those under 40 years of age have that’s type of diabetes.

What is Type-2 Diabetes

The infected person’s of Type-2 may produce enough insulin on his body but the insulin does not have any effect on the body that’s mean there has no effectiveness of insulin. Naturally, the amount of insulin in the body can be increased. In this case, to control blood glucose levels additional doses of insulin is required. Although at first, the pancreas produces more insulin, after it was closed in the early years. Type-2 diabetes usually occurs in adults, however, among children occurs but a relatively low.

What is Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes usually occurs in pregnant women. Some pregnant women have higher levels of glucose in their blood due to the greater amount of insulin is required for them, but not so much the amount of insulin the body can produce. As a result, gradually increase the amount of glucose in the blood.


The following symptoms can be seen for all types.

  1. Frequently Thirsty
  2. Frequent Pissing
  3. Feel Excessive Hungry
  4. Loss of weight
  5. Loss of Sight
  6. Always Feeling Tired
  7. Feel Uncomfortable
  8. Easily do not dry the wound cut

If the above symptoms occur, do not delay your time to take consult of an experienced physician. If best treatment is not taken, then life gradually becomes more complex. Overall, this unfriendly Diabetes should be treated with the crucial exercise of an expert.

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