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Privacy Policy keeps your collected information with great care obviously when you become a registered member to get newsletter and updates. This also offers a window of opportunity to make you opinions and comments in terms of your judgment or evaluation.

During the registration session, you will be requested to provide your name, e-mail address or website URL. On the other hand, we leave you other wonderful free roaming advantage to make your visit at any time you prefer anonymously.

As a third party vendor, Google takes cookies for future purposes to put ads on your site. This is basically designed to get ads for websites either your one or other on the internet.

However, it is not limited to way like this rather you can choose not to use cookie just by through a change in Google ad and content network policy.

Your Given Information

The information you provide us mostly to be employed in one of the manners from below.

  • We get to know about your needs and expectation through your obtained information.
  • We get to develop our own websites through interactional communication which is here the feedback and other worthy comments.
  • We get to offer better customer satisfaction in terms of requests and support which ultimately becomes effective for all of us.
  • We get to provide updates, responses/reply, requests, queries through your given e-mail address in a cyclic manner.

TipsValley focuses on customer’s privacy as well as security to offer a safe and simple roaming momentum. The security is highly strong which gives the liberty of accessing your personal information with ease.


Cookies are designed to know about user’s preferences regarding future searching. In other words, cookies which are also known as Internet cookies – small of pieces of data sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser while the browser is occupied.

Well, we use your cookies in terms of your choices so that next time you pay a visit and we could meet your satisfaction of expectation. This is intercommunication medium for both of our sites.

There is another matter to be clarified that we more often come to a contract with third-party service providers in terms of familiarizing your preferences.

The contract is signed under the condition of not using your information for any personal purpose unlike its about business improvement and related issues.

Collected Information

The privacy policy regarding collected information is limited to only our usage but not to sell or doing trade to other parties. Since we hire trusted third party in terms of working best for our site, to provide better service, and maintenance; the collected information remains confidential among us.

One more thing you should be familiar with that if we are bound to provide your information in order to meet legal issue with law, enforce our site policies, or make defense for others rights and safety.

Nonetheless, we share information of non-personally identifiable visitor for marketing and advertising purposes so that our site could reach to others.

Third Party

You may have to encounter some of the products or services provided by third party in our website where the privacy policies will be entirely sole to that party and independent to that site.

We precisely announce that we do not hold any liability for the content and activities of third party sites or their services.

However, we do expect and like to welcome any suggestions or recommendations regarding third party sites.

Strict to Online

The above information, the privacy policy is strictly maintained online website which is not workable for offline, and we want you to know about it.

Terms and Conditions

Please do visit our Terms and Conditions area to know more about us.

Your Consent

It seems precise that your visit makes us permitted to our online privacy policy which we all are bound to obey.

Updates If Necessary

If we bring any sort of changes to our privacy policy, the updates will be posted here so that you will have the chance of familiarizing.


If you intend to make further contact in terms of privacy policy, you will be welcomed to get positive reply as soon as possible here.