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How To Keep Your Computer Safe?

You should think about the safety of your computer as long as you use it. Virus, worm, hacking, information theft could possibly be removed from being happened if you do follow some rules by which you can learn how to keep your computer safe.

How To Keep Your Computer Safe

1. Password Selection

Most users are pretty cautious while choosing a password for their e-mail or Facebook. The type of password should be easily remembered kind of words or numbers or symbols or a mixture of everything. But one thing you should keep in your mind that what is easy to remember you that could be easier to the hackers.

So, while choosing passwords, you should pick special letter or symbol from your keyboard like @!#$%^. This may quite help to stay safe online that makes hackers hardly possible to hack.

2. Firewall

Firewall is a special kind of software that observes the internet connection between incoming and outgoing. A sudden attack by hackers and other dangerous worms can be defended by the firewall.

Furthermore, it controls some other security tasks in a computer. Write down ‘firewall.cpl’ in RUN of Windows Operating System and press enter. Then you have to active the software using setting.

3. Antivirus Software

If you are intending to count the security on antivirus software, then you should get better antivirus software. The good news of some antivirus software comes free but with fewer opportunities for security. Whether you get a free one or paid one, you make sure to get the license with validity.

4. Stay Alert of Internet

There are some people cannot make a proper use of the internet. The suggestion for those is to avoid clicking attractive advertisements. The link from your spam e-mail should be ignored as well. The caution should be measure also for downloading stuff, mistakenly; virus or worm could be downloaded.

Some ingenious hackers may want to collect your secret information by alluring you using attractive and adult advertisements and the sometimes dollar as well. So be careful to click on pages and ads, or better avoid clicking. Otherwise, along with the computer, your personal information will be at stake.

By following the above rules, you can keep your computer safe.

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