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Is Loneliness Harmful as Smoking?

You should know that having no friends in your life is really dangerous as you smoke a cigarette. Yeah! You may think that how come loneliness is related to smoking? Loneliness is harmful as smoking.

Experts say that life with no friends causes loneliness badly. The effect is more likely bad as smoking.

Is Loneliness Harmful as Smoking?

The amount of blood clotting protein gets higher in number due to loneliness which has been found by some researchers. Thus it causes heart disease like heart attack and stroke.

Once we get hit badly by something that causes bloodletting and it gets stopped by fibrinogen that helps to clot the blood. When the level of fibrinogen becomes higher that seems to be unhealthy for the body. It creates high blood pressure and fat in arteries.

The level of fibrinogen varies based on social networking of a person, a study by researchers from Harvard University. Basically, the balance of level of fibrinogen can be accurate on the status of the relationship with friends and family.

In another word, the level of fibrinogen will increase along with the loneliness of a person.

To exemplify, researchers say that a person with 5 friends over the social network holds 20% more fibrinogen than a person with 25 friends.

‘Proceedings of the Royal Society B’ a journal published the detailed information of this research. However, even if we thing from a real perspective, lonely has sorted an issue that can be serious for a human being.

When we are lonely we tend to do crazy stuff which we don’t really want do. This happens due to psychological imbalance meaning loneliness creates a mental disturbance which eventually leads toward serious matters.

There are some people who love to live alone, but looking profoundly at them, we can merely see unhappiness. To some extent, we could claim that loneliness is important to have for a living.

Loneliness is Harmful as Smoking

Now the question may arise like how so. Well, it is true. If we take a look at creative people or artist, they spend a lot of time alone, in fact, some of them live alone. But it doesn’t mean that they are happy. They are fighting with their loneliness to cover up by doing or creative their innovations.

So, lonely is not healthy. But if we want to make it healthy; it will drive us crazy which won’t be able to comprehend. Notwithstanding, we can overcome it. It is simple as drinking a glass of water. We suggest you make friends if you are having loneliness.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that there are some people who are introvert which means making friends is rather difficult for them. In that sense, introvert people can at least make a bondage to their family members.

Finally, we would love to say that avoid living alone meaning loneliness is not a friend rather a foe. By doing so meaning leaving loneliness in the dark, you will be able to live a healthy and happy life forever.

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