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How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

How to keep your teeth healthy is more than just brushing and flossing your teeth. This is because to keep your teeth healthy is a regular routine for a lifetime. Probably you have been told to brush and floss your teeth for at least once in a day are important for healthy teeth. Yet this is not enough to be called keeping your teeth healthy. Did you know that washing your toothbrush and truly rinsing your mouth is essential for healthy teeth?


How to keep your teeth healthy? Every person should know


5 Healthy practices that will help you on how to keep your teeth healthy?


1. Your Toothbrush Must be in Good Condition at all Times

How to keep your teeth healthy starts with keeping your toothbrush to be clean before and after use. Rinse well your toothbrush with distilled water before and after use to remove food particles and dirt. Keeps your toothbrush upright and in an open place to allows air to flow around the bristles of your toothbrush making them dry. This prevents microorganisms and bacteria from growing in your toothbrush.

When your toothbrush is no longer effective, buy another one and dispose of the unused ones. It is recommended that toothbrush is replaced every three months to keep the toothbrush effective.


2. Brush your Tongue Properly

By brushing your tongue is an important practice on how to keep your teeth healthy since it helps to fight bacteria found in your mouth. This is because tongue holds food particles making it a good environment for the growth of bacteria which can cause tooth decay.

Tongue brushing is not only essential for healthy teeth but also stop bad breath. Use your toothbrush and toothpaste to remove bacteria and food particles in your tongue and make your mouth fresh and bacteria free.


3. Avoid Sugary Food & Sugary Soft Drinks

To be successful in how to keep your teeth healthy, you must be in control of whatever enters your mouth since it has an effect on the health of your teeth. Soft drinks which are sugary and food with high content of sugar have been targeted as the main culprits of tooth decay. This is because the sugar in the drinks makes the susceptible environment for bacteria to grow and lead to tooth decay. It is recommended that one should take water, milk and fresh juice instead of sugary juice since it protects your teeth against decay.


How to keep your teeth healthy

4. Use Toothpaste with Fluoride Components

Fluoride components are essential to be successful in how to keep your teeth healthy. this is because fluoride components are essential for hardening of the tooth enamel hence helps to prevent tooth cavities. Once the enamel of the tooth is strong and hard enough, tooth decay and tooth cavities become easy to be controlled.

Fluoride also makes your teeth white because its content has components that make teeth white. You can get fluoride in toothpaste, mouth rinses, and treatments administered by the dentist.


5. Visit your Dentist Regularly

Your professional dentist and dental hygienist are professionals who there to help with oral care. Your dentist must regularly check your teeth and give you advice on various ways you can keep your teeth healthy. Regular teeth checkup is essential as it allows for early detection of diseases affecting the teeth. Treatment is therefore administered before it becomes worse.

Dentist and dental hygienist help you to create a daily routine for washing, brushing and flossing your mouth. Brushing plan will depend on the specific needs of your teeth. This will ensure fresh breath and healthy teeth.


To be successful in how to keep your teeth healthy? depends on the routine practices of an individual. By keeping your mouth and teeth healthy, mouth diseases like gum diseases, oral cancer, and tooth decay will not affect you. This is because all the oral diseases are associated with bacteria which grow under moist conditions and unclean mouth.

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