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How to Increase Your WiFi Speed?

The internet user is growing in number at present in the world. Mobile companies or operators may hold the responsibility of this current state of technological expansion. It seems the usage of WiFi is rising nowadays due to the growth of technology. But the reality is the WiFi speed is not always available with a similar stream which bothers the users quite.

How to Increase Your WiFi speed?

There are some reasons for which the WiFi speed slows down. This could be solved following some steps DIY. We are introducing you with five soluble steps. The steps may help you to solve your slowness of the WiFi speed.

1. Use the Internet Up to WiFi Range

WiFi router provides service within the specific radius. If you make the distance from the router then you will experience slower internet speed. WiFi router spreads signal within a 360-degree radius. You can set your WiFi router in the central area of the house which can cover the almost entire house. Furthermore, an extender or repeater may increase the WiFi speed.

2. WiFi Router With Fewer Crowds

Human body acts as an obstacle for the radio wave to make a motion. If a router is surrounded by almost so many people then WiFi speed slows down. This is why router should be mounted in a place with no people around.

Increase Your WiFi speed

3. Place to Keep WiFi Router

To get the best WiFi service, there is no second option instead of getting a powerful router. The best place would be at a high place for a WiFi router as radio wave spreads all around from the top.

4. Aware Downloading Big File

While downloading a big file such as movies, or games, or large videos, the internet WiFi speed slows down than usual. At the same time, other devices receive light speed due to the heavy download. So make your heavy download while you have fewer devices under your WiFi zone.

5. Provide Strong Password

If the security of the router is open to all then the WiFi speed slows down as well due to the numbers of users. This is why you should provide the strongest password so that others cannot get free access.

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