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How to Get Good Sleep at Night?

It is really hard to get good sleep with someone of the sleeping problem at night. As a result, it causes several physical as well as mental problems. Furthermore, it hampers the relationship of a person’s personal and social life gradually.

An article has been published in the Website of Royal College of Psychiatric, the UK about sleeping. Let us have a look at some of the salient information about getting good sleep which is really a crucial matter.

get Good Sleep at Night


However, the blame goes to our own lifestyles for having disrupting sleep at night.  To name the troubles watching TV late at night, spending hours on Facebook, internet mania, playing video games, gossiping over the phone, gossiping at late night, and consumption of drinking excessive coffee can be troubles having good sleep. If one can change this route of absolutely unparalleled daily living, the trouble behind having a good sleep will be easily eliminated.

Staying awake till late night causes sleepy and dizziness at day time, feeling tiresome and exhausted which interrupt daily activities more often. It has several bad effects.

1. Unpleasant Mental State

The melatonin hormone fails to excrete due to the bad habit of waking late night for watching TV or usage of Internet. It takes the time to sleep for this issue. In addition to this, it causes irritating mental state. Moreover, it can be harmful to the family, society, and even professional integrity.

2. Nightmare

The old habit of the sleepless night can be the problems here as, in general, it happens to take place at midnight all on sudden and creates a painting.

3. High Blood Pressure and Risk of Strokes

Lack of good sleep may further happen due to high blood pressure and risk of strokes.

4. Accident

According to one of the health-related website from the USA, lack of good sleep may cause an accident which leads to fatal death. So, one should not drive while having this unwanted issues of good sleep.

5. Memory Loss

A good sleep can rest your eyes and brain which can build up better memory power. And one can pay proper attention to creative work easily. But having problems regarding good sleep can damage memory to build up properly gradually.

6. Tiredness

Lack of good sleep can further cause several difficulties in daily activities and make feeble. To avoid facing problems at daily lives, one should have sufficient good sleep at night.

7. Risk of Diabetes

Researchers from Harvard Medical School revealed shocking news of bad sleep at night that if someone fails to sleep at 5 hours a day, then he/she may have greater possibility to have diabetes.

8. Hormone Deficiencies

Imbalance sleep can be the reason of unstable pregnancy which leaves a choice for both men and women equally to have good sleep at night for at least 7-8 hours regularly.

How to Get Good Sleep, Tips

To manage some good sleep, one needs to have self-control as well as some changes bad habits which we already discussed earlier. Some suggestions are taken into considerations by some renowned physicians:

  • Take your dinner in time (around 9:00 PM-10:00 PM).
  • Go to bed by 11:00 PM; keep it practicing as a daily routine.
  • Leave your coffee or caffeine related drink behind before evening.
  • Keep your virtual social work, games, TV, Smartphone away out of your bed before going to sleep.
  • Do not use any heavy instruments before going to sleep and after evening period.
  • Make a note of over thinking dilemma at night where you can mention that ‘you will work on it tomorrow’.

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