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Cancer Causing Foods

Cancer is a fatal disease. Good resistance to treatment. When cell division becomes irregular in the human body, it is the main reason for having cancer. Some research shows that some foods reduce reduces the risk of cancer, on the other hand, some foods increases the risk of cancer. You should be aware of cancer causing foods and make other conscious as well.

Cancer Causing Foods


1. Potato Chips

Artificial color, flavor, Trans fat and excessive salt are used to make potato chips crispier. And some research reveals the horrible news that these elements increase the risk of cancer.

2. French Fries

According to American Food & Drug Administration, high heat and oil, while using to prepare French fry, creates acrylamide that aids to cause cancer.

3. Processed Meat Food

Bacon, hotdog, meatloaf, sausage. Burger etc are full of sodium nitrate. Research says that sodium-nitrate-processed-meat turns into nitrous and later in cancer.

4. Soft Drinks

Cold beverages contain harmful color, additional soda, and artificial sugar which are harmful to human body. These increases glucose, and insulin resistant in the blood which creates metabolic syndrome and cancer. Research unearths those cold beverages that contain 4-methylimidazole occurs cancer.

5. Artificial Sugar

Artificial sugar is 10 times sweeter than as part sugar and zero calories. It keeps the balance of weight which makes it popular. The study reveals that regular consumption of artificial sugar may cause brain cancer.

6. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol turns into acetaldehyde through the chemical formation in the human body for which DNA breakdown takes place and cancer appears.

7. Grill Barbecue

Heavy heat in grill and barbecue meat produces heterocyclic amine that causes cancer.

8. Chemical Associated With Toxic Pesticides and Fruit

According to American Food & Drug Administration, 30% pesticides are a carcinogen that creates cancer in human body.

9. Open Juices

Open juice in open market carries contaminated water, ice, and harmful color which create liver cancer, jaundice, and hepatitis.

10. Old Oil

Constant usage of old oil creates free radical which breaks down DNA and generates cancer.

Above all are cancer causing foods so you should avoid all and get a better life.

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