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7 Common Bad Habits That Reduce Brain Performance

There are some habits that reduce the efficiency of our brain performance. As a result, it affects in our daily life severely. Let’s know which practices that reduce brain performance.

7 Common Bad Habits That Reduce Brain Performance

Insufficient Sleep

Many of you who watch TV all night, many of them worked all night, many of them read books all night by staying up. Thus, they spend night after night without sleeping. But it is very harmful for your body.

As a result, you may become ill. On the other hand, this practice abates your intelligence too. A normal person needs 7-8 hours complete sleep daily. 4 to 6 degrees may come down to your level of intelligence for just 1 hour less sleep.

If You Watch Regular Reality Show

There are many of you who have watched reality shows on a regular basis, these people decrease their intelligence gradually. A research found that they are intelligent who don’t watch reality shows in comparison who watch reality shows.

So, this habit should be avoided in order not to reduce brain performance.

Sugar Reduce Brain Performance

A study of ULCA of US shows that if you drink coffee, tea, soft drinks etc. everyday your brain performance will be reduced gradually. As a result, it destroys the tendency to learn something new or something to keep in mind.

Brain Performance Gets Down if Too Many Works Have Been Done by a Long

Many people work so much of task individually at the same time. As a result, their wits may be reduced much. Especially those who work with the different electronic devices at the same time, taking picture with camera along speaking etc, may reduce their intelligence.

An influence to reduce brain performance. This information has been come out from the research of Stanford University.

Chew a Gum on a Regular Basis May Reduce Brain Performance

This information was found from three different researches from Cardiff University. It shows that the person gets short term memory loss who chews a gum on a daily basis.

The children have been given the task after feeding them chewing gum but they were not able to recognize arranged objects. But those children who didn’t get chewing gum they had succeeded the job perfectly.

Excessive Use of PowerPoint

It has been shown in a research that excessive use of PowerPoint reduces the performance of human brain. Their thinking power and decision making ability is greatly reduced those who work with the PowerPoint.

Excessive Fat Can Reduce Brain Performance

A study has shown in 2010 that the intelligence levels of some excessive fatty persons are increased after the operation of two weeks. Save yourself to reduce brain performance.

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